ClOH!ned as eerie cOH!pies and precOH!nditioned with a fearful state of mind most OH!dd specimens of research have a strong urge for self preservatiOH!n. Their tales are ones of randOH!m weirdness, herOH!ic bravery, but alsOH! of creeping terrOH!r.
Once upon a time there are more clOH!nes made on demand and displayed lajk Mi. Stuck within a digital dOH!main of loopy characters a few faces turn sOH! pale from fear there is OH!nly a gOH!stly resemblance to the OH!riginal cast. With bewildered eyes they look upon a fearless state of mind in nOH!ne clearly belongs.
Because the tale of Mi belongs to a story of OH!dd. In fact sOH! OH!dd and out of character it seems very unlikely to believe in Mi sane. To the very last day of a spOH!tted rainbOH!w the maker of Mi remains in the secret unicOH!lab to find an antidOH!te to cOH!rrect a discOH!very. A cure fading each new face of a stOH!ry untOH!ld with such great fear of what might have happened if nOH! more acting out.
COH!lor cOH!des are hiding to hatch outside of contrOH!l. Far into the deepest fauna, in the mOH!st bewildered of imaginatiOH!n, a rainbOH!w fOH!rrest with OH!dd keys of their whereabouts are waiting to be explOH!red.
Because this space of belonging is needed for when OH!dd minds lajk Mi are about to burst. A dOH!main OH!ff limits beyOH!nd the bOH!rderline of fear where nOH! secrets are hushed to cOH!-exist. Where stOH!ries of OH!dd identities awOH!ken are treasure hunted as rare cOH!llecibles with a unicOH! tOH!ken. Unleashing new great adventures yet unspOH!ken...

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