Carola Häggkvist, Artist
@milajki - Space Sthlm

It's so cool, but I also kinda wonder where I have ended up at, LOL. It's such a fun and new creative concept, how amazing! & you can buy all the sparkly accessories too. I almost can't take it because this is so very exciting to play and go bananas all in!

Wahlgrens World, TV Show
@milajki - Space Sthlm
Yes, don't miss out on this. We loved it! milajki. Fantastic fun, it was such a great experience, you feel like you've rediscovered the child within. Everything sparkles & is glam, love the show aesthetics! It's almost like you don't want to leave here, you want to take it all with you, but obviously you won't dare to try and take everything home...
Margaux Dietz, Influencer & TV Host
@milajki - Space Sthlm
milajki a LOT but who wouldn't right? One really has to while visiting. I had a pair of huge pink earrings from milajki about 10-15 years ago, and I never realized this is a swedish designer & creative artist until now, which makes me even happier!
Dolly Style, 💗Molly 💙Holly 💜Polly, Pop Group
@milajki - Space Sthlm & Mood Sthlm
Dreamteam at our favorite place milajki! Love this. You feel like a princess at milajki art exhibits. Just look how dreamy it is! Absolutely in love with all the clouds and rainbows. A day filled with colors, love and laughter.
Jessica Almenäs, TV Host
@milajki - Space Sthlm & Pop House Hotel
I pinkiefied my life for about half a day and you know what it was actually nice. Pink thoughts instead of black, at least for a little while!
Joe Labero, Magician
@milajki - Space Sthlm 
A colorful fun evening was spent at milajki art exhibit pop up selfie museum in Stockholm. A truly fascinating creative and interactive concept for the future!

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