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Welcome to mi lajki land where pink shit rules and fairy tale endings are claimed.

I love befriending new creatures of imagination! Among my peeps are fellow accessory junkies. We are disco mermaids, pastel witches, cyber aliens, roaming gypsies, glitter rebels, and rainbow unicorns of non boring style. Over the years of hard work and determination (getting lost further into a State of Mind in my Magic Nation) I have also been collaborating on various projects in storytelling, design, communication, and branding. The passion project of mine is of course this baby where I get to rule the world and dictate my own stories and designs with feedback from a dedicated community of likeminded.

I create original art pieces from doodles that live inside my brain. Some come out to play with you amongst cotton candy clouds and rainbow sparkles while others are plotting nasty deeds to get your attention. At night when I am unable to sleep I tell myself fairytales which later spring to life in my stories and designs. My art process starts with a hand drawn illustration based on my storytelling which I use to make into a graphic print for accessories such as jewelry, patches, pins, apparel, digital art, wall paintings, pillows, or textile fabrics. Did I mention my obsession with everything colorful, cute, and sparkly?

How I started?

During a life drawing class back in 1999 at Lynn University, Boca Raton Florida, where me and my partner in crime graduated with a B.A in Arts & Design. 

mi lajki began its journey back in the Florida college days of early new millennium underneath the sun amongst palm trees, pink flamingos, and turquoise waters. It was established as trademark in 2006 and recognized for designing bold statement accessories and jewelry often favored by trendsetting publications, stylists, and spotted on famous friends. Previous work includes creative art direction for highly noted design collaborations, fashion show productions, commercial photo shoots, including set and wardrobe design, and digital media communication. I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of aspects of the fashion business over the years. I have exhibited with mi lajki at Bread & Butter Trade Fairs, put on a big scale Runway Show Production at Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks, made awesome Design Collaborations with inspiring talents such as Anine Bing, Ida Sjöstedt, Sanna Bråding, Josefin Crafoord, Kitty Jutbring, Moderniteter, Amanda Berg, and E-commerce retailers such as Nelly.com. I also got to venture into the Music industry when making great mi lajki branded tunes with swedish pop group Le Kid & US rapper Rochelle Hot16, as well as building jingles for mi lajki Style Factory Web TV Production for Nelly.com. With my dedicated crew of amazing stylists supporting my mission we have traveled the world wide web with mi lajki Style Factory for event management and made magical editorials as well as campaigns in photography and film. I have been honored (but scared to death) when invited to appear in TV & Radio talk shows here in Sweden such as Efter Tio med Malou, Förkväll, NRJ, The Voice etc (I do not necessarily feel comfortable myself in the spotlight which is something I keep pushing myself to overcome) However I am very humbled and happy when my designs get to appear in glossy magazines, on celebrity features, and TV concepts such as IDOL. 

Well enough about me for now....It really means a lot for me to hear from you, so stay in touch! Thanks for visiting. XoXo / Angelina

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You can follow along on social media #milajki @milajki or drop me a line on the site by contacting me here  If you fancy what I aspire for the world to admire join this little community of mine by signing up for free here 


Interested in having your portrait morphed into the world of my imagination? Join the community and upload a photo for transformation. These original portraits can be made into prints for Scarfs, T-shirts, Jewelry, Pins, Patches, Kimonos, Leggings, Caps, Posters, Paintings, and much more on demand. A selection of characters will be featured in the original edition of my published book upon release date. 

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