304 Stainless Steel is the most popular alloy, found in a lot of our jewelry.  It is very durable and highly corrosion resistant as well as hypoallergenic. Gold plated stainless steel jewelry can last for a very long time up to two years compared to cheaper alloys and brass plated items often seen in poor quality fashion jewelry which tarnishes and rub of on your skin. Stainless steel is available in silver color, goldplated rose, or with a yellow tinge.

14K and 18 K Gold is available in three colors; very bright yellow gold, deeper gold with a reddish rose tinge, and white gold. Opt in for the real deal in gold and you can go wild with the jewelry which will last you a lifetime of happy memories! 

All gold jewelry orders are custom made on demand produced in Leuven, Belgium and shipped worldwide from the HQ of our production partner Materialise. Lead times for the production of your golden masterpieces are:

White Gold: 10-13 business days 

Yellow Gold: 10-13 business days 

Red Gold: 12-15 business days