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Exploring the world wide web on wild treasure hunts we have discovered and promoted emerging pioneers in fashion, design, art, lifestyle, DIY, luxury, styling, and fun. Our mission has been to offer the best of happy and quirky statement accessories on demand curated by the Style Factory for dedicated Accessory Junkies.  Paving the way for inspiring collaborations we have surrounded ourself with a crew of 'lajk-minded' creatives with strong integrity. They are the movers, makers, and the shakers of the art, design, and music industry. Together we have created a visionary network of early adapters sharing our passion for unique statement accessories, styling, and design.

The mi lajki trademark was established in early millennium and recognised for designing bold statement accessories and jewelry often favoured by trendsetting publications, stylists, and spotted on famous friends. Previous work includes creative art direction for highly noted design collaborations, fashion show productions, commercial photo shoots, including set and wardrobe design, and digital media communication. Design collaborations include Anine Bing, Ida Sjöstedt, Amanda Berg, Josefin Crafoord, Sanna Bråding, Kitty Jutbring, and Moderniteter. We are a collaborative community of gatekeepers, stylists, designers, talented artists, fashion bloggers, and fellow accessory junkies all over the globe in a sub culture of addictive collectibles hard to find. We are pastel witches, disco mermaids, glitter gypsies, roaming rebels, cyber aliens, and unicorn hunters of non boring style.


The two founders Angelina & Pierre met during a life drawing class back in 1999 at Lynn University, Boca Raton Florida, where they both graduated with a BA in Science Arts & Design.  Angelina is a Creative Director, Designer, and social Influencer living in an online community of non basic trendsetters all over the globe. From our headquarters in Sweden she has invited you to explore a wonderful world of fun fashion, styling, runways, and trade fairs. Besides scouting new talents to promote through the Style Factory, Angelina have continued her work as a Designer creating new storytelling for collections of jewelry and accessories. She has also been commissioned to establish international brands and to help independent and emerging designers create new content for brand building, communication, and design.

 If you have a collaboration in mind do not hesitate to reach out! 
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mi lajki
Angelina mi lajki
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-mi lajki
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Collaborate on creative projects, up vote what you lajk, be rewarded for your actions, make and share wish lists, get the inside scoop on latest news, indulge in freebies, unleash your creative super power, get featured in the spotlight, earn bling and cashing, befriend lajk minded members, collect creatures of storytelling, and treasure hunt for accessories on demand. We are a dedicated community of happy heroines, disco mermaids, pastel witches, glitter gypsies, cyber aliens, and unicorn hunters of non boring style. Together we have created a visionary network of early adapters sharing the passion for unique statement styling and collectibles hard to find.
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