Style FactOH!ry Tickets

milajki Style FactOH!ry is not you basic event exhibit—everything we touch together with our visitOH!rs turns into magic! The immersive event experience features over 20 multi-sensOH!rial installatiOH!ns in videOH! and photOH! friendly selfie scenariOH!s. All admissiOH!ns include one hour of dedicated fun and access to styling wardrOH!be of unique accessOH!ries such as discOH! mermaid glitter kimonOH!s, OH!MG princess tulle skirts, GOH! crazy tops, rainbOH!w wigs and cOH!achella rhinestOH!ne festival hats. MOH!st accessOH!ries are alsOH! available to purchase in our OH!nline store and OH!n demand.