Yesterdays I worked on this piece of art inspired by the stories I write about this figure I created called Doctor Albino. He lives in the jungle where he runs his secret science lab and conducts gene manipulation to find a cure for sicknesses induced by fear. Anyways here it is, a fragment of my imagination... 
As for now you can purchase this print on a 100 % silk scarf made with love n madness for 100 USD. I am thinking of also making it available on Tanks and T-shirts and would love to get your input  on this? or if you would like it as art print on a canvas, poster, or applied on other clothing such as leggings, dresses, skirts, onepiece you name it... and OH did I mention this piece of art is towards a good cause? 10 USD of each sale in the collection labeled THE HAPPY HEROINE is donated to UTSS (Under The Same Sun) which is a non-profit organization committed to ending the often deadly discrimination against people with albinism.  While UTSS acts globally, much of their focus has been on the crisis faced by people with albinism in Tanzania. From there, UTSS is reaching across Africa and the world, to stimulate a movement that roots out discrimination and plants the seeds of empowerment for people living with albinism. In many parts of Africa people with albinism are misunderstood, disadvantaged, and even attacked and killed. Their body parts are sold to witchdoctors for use in charms and magical potions believed to bring wealth and good luck.

as always LOVE n RAINBOWSPARKLES********* on your day!
xx / Angelina mi lajki

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