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By Angelina Mi Lajki


Hi, my name is Angelina and I am the creative artist, storyteller, designer, founder, and slightly mad accessory junkie behind the universe which I call milajki (melikey) for everything I love. I create magical accessories from stories trapped inside my mind.ย ย 
My brain definitely has way too many tabs open!ย  Amazing stories are being born, released, and sometimes captured for display in my open windows online. However some are trapped inside a lost state of mind. In this imagined nation you will most likely find me on a dedicated mission to treasure hunt their whereabouts. Help me unleash new creative superpowers into the world! My tribe is made up of disco mermaids, pastel witches, glitter gypsies, cyber aliens, and rainbow unicorns of non boring style.ย 
I treasure hunt over the rainbow, across the borderline of fear, and beyond the shores of sanity. I crave everything yummy and sweet but sometimes I also have an appetite for destruction. I have many mixed emotions which I make into bold statements designs in arts and design. Many reflections are surreal or humorous. I often dream in soft pastel grunge, tropical vapor waves, and the rainbow spectra of crystal auras.ย 

Some dreams haunt me for attention. I am weirdly drawn to circus freak shows, pink flamingos, everything holographic, twinning, leopard spotting, pineapples, albinos, glitter, alligators, coconuts, and key west sunsets. I am also really into exploring metaphysics, crystals, magic, angels, synchronicity, and starry skies. My ambition is to be all or nothing. Middle grounds are not for me. My mindset is more is more of both gore and galore! As a self proclaimed happy heroine I am on a mission to try to save the world from everyday boredom and gloom. Below are some examples of my previous designs but currently I am also working with crystals.

Besides establishing this subscription based charm club for my supporters, I am always writing and perfecting new stories trapped inside my mind. A book is slowly coming along and I am doodling on characters who wants to come alive and break free. I have also been working really hard with setting up my online community and web shop while designing a new jewellery collection for the big launch. I am still mapping out my road towards success obsessively dedicating myself 100% to my passion.ย 
Who doesn't love surprises delivered each month right? By joining my magical charm club you will not only get to treasure unique designs, but also grant me the luxury making my art evolve above and beyond! Plus I can surpriseย you with never before seen art and designs released into the wild from a universe trapped inside my mind.
The unedited inside scoop of my mind:
  • Exclusive Patreon Only Updates and Previews!
  • Magical designs in charms delivered each month!
  • Surprises in art prints when reaching my goals!
  • First dibs on limited edition releases before launched on my website!
First dibs for my fabulous Patreons. Each gemย is delivered with a unique story to tell. I love seeing what adventures you take them on so keep me updated by posting your photos for me too swoon over. Follow along on social media and remember to hashtag them #milajki for me to treasure hunt.ย 

Thank you so much for supporting my mission it really means EVERYTHING to me.

Rainbowsparkles on all Your Days*******
LOVE ALWAYS / Angelina
mi lajki


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