If your life lacks direction the art of visualisation is a very powerful tool for reaching that dream of yours. However, a vision board has to represent your creative desire with a specific purpose. The first step is to identify theĀ intentions to WHY you want to manifest this into your life? When you know this and your goal become clear you are able to accurately create that amazingĀ vision board for attracting abundance into your life. Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it! What you FEEL passionate about is your calling. Hold your vision and trust in the process in perfect alignment with what and when is the best timing for you.


  • Define your passion andĀ live it now!
  • Define your intentionsĀ and feel it now!
  • Define your goals and imagine it now!

Personally my intention has always been toĀ manifest a life I donĀ“t need to take a vacation from. What I wish to accomplish from my goals is FREEDOM. Many people I encounter tryingĀ to identify their passion often state that money is one main thingĀ they wish to acquire from manifesting success, and that is perfectly OK! However maybe what they really want is the feeling of freedom gained from it? It is important to know your motivation behind a goal and to connect it with a feeling for it to successfully manifest into your life.

On my own vision board are images of my dream retreat home,Ā a victorian style key west dollhouse somewhere in Florida. When I look at it I feel it... the peace of mind and happiness surrounded by beaches, turquoise waters, and palm trees. I surrender and trust in the divine timing set by the universe and no matter what happens I am already paying gratitude for thisĀ or something better to manifest into my life.

mi lajki key west dollhouse dream home

There are many ways to create a personalised vision board but the most important aspect is to keep it in plain sightĀ for it to work its magic through you. A perfect place is in your workspace where you will have daily access keeping you inspired. Pin magazine cutouts and whatever sets your soul on fire, for example on a cork board, or use clips to attach to wires on the wall, or why not repurpose an old vintage frame? Keep a photo of your vision board as a screen saver on your laptop or phone. Wherever you can place it into your vision for programming your subconscious on a daily basis is great.



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