I strongly believe in the power of your own magic. Set your intentions right and the universe will respond to your wishes. Expect miracles and they will manifest. Everything around us in vibrates on different levels of energy including you. Be happy and you will attract more positivity! 

My name is Angelina, and I’m the founder, designer, and creative director at mi lajki style factory for dedicated accessory junkies. We are glitter gypsies, disco mermaids, pastel witches, cyber aliens, and unicorn hunters of non boring style. I am also an entrepreneur, storyteller, and branding expert. Besides being a dedicated wifey and proud mommy of two beautiful boys, my mission is to INSPIRE and to help others in the journey towards manifesting their desires and unleashing their creative superpower.

I have always been interested in creative arts and design, writing stories, the law of attraction, manifesting magic, painting, entrepreneurship, metaphysics, everything leopard spotted, the rainbow, the stars, angels, synchronicity, flamingos, pink, exotic flowers, gems and crystals possessing different powers of healing, love, and protection. 

I started to consciously manifest my own creative desires back in 1997 when I moved from Sweden to live in Florida to pursue my degree in Arts & Design. Over the years of determination and hard work I have incarnated my visions into reality.

After doing my internship as a visual merchandiser at Sak´s Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, I decided to start my first business doing creative storytelling for local stores in the Miami area. A great opportunity came along when invited to work for high end retail department store Mario Hernandez with over 50 stores in South America and flagship stores worldwide.

During my time in Florida I met my soulmate . He was also a Swedish international student at Lynn University Boca Raton. In 2002 he asked me to marry him and we moved back to Sweden to start our family.

In 2004,  around the same time we had our first baby arrive, we opened up our first retail store called Karma and I started designing one of a kind and limited edition accessories, jewelry, and apparel. I was absolutely immersed in feeding this divine connection to my soul to manifest my creative desires. We also had our second baby boy arrive within the next thirteen months!

Truly blessed and so very grateful, I started working on my first commercial line of jewelry designs and over the next years we acquired lots of new retailers worldwide. Along came a massive media and press coverage when loved by celebrities, stylists, and famous friends. In 2011 I delivered my first big scale fashion runway show production at Berns Saloons in Stockholm during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This was a long time goal of mine accomplished because I had set my intentions to full heartedly manifest my true inner creative desires.

Since then I have also been working as an expert brand builder on various projects for over a dozen brands for clients worldwide. I have successfully delivered brand books, logos, storytelling, designs, as well as social media and e-commerce integrations, and web designs. Currently I am working on a new chapter in my life which is a book about this magical world which I call mi lajki (for everything I love).

However my deep connection with 'magic' and 'spirituality', have also made me gravitate back towards another calling which is to HELP OTHERS TO MANIFEST THEIR DESIRES BY UNLEASHING THE CREATIVE SUPERPOWER TO LIVE A COLOURFUL AND VIBRANT LIFE OF ABUNDANCE IN LOVE, WEALTH, HEALTH, AND HAPPINESS.

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With LOVE, Gratitude, and Rainbow Sparkles*********
Angelina mi lajki

Angelina mi lajki

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