Crazy is as crazy does? I decided a long time ago that if I can make simple smiles appear then those representing them should be my guests. If I need to be the laughing matter, once upon a time, I definitely did DO mind. No more. I pledge my life to inspire others. To make them happy by unleashing my creative superpower upon a new worldview. Some might think that my statements and imagination is too bold, too merry, too wicked, or too much of everything, for anyone to fancy. Yes this might be true. I am true to myself. I am mostly very bright spirited, exhaustingly perky, and extremely colourful, but it is not all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes I have a grey cloud stalking me with thunder and raging lightning, fogging up my perception and leaving me paralysed with fear...

Ever since I can remember I have always been the odd one out. The weirdo peeking through the looking glass upon my peers playing nicely together in a mad experiment called life. However beyond the borderline, on the other side from these shores of sanity, I found a refugee called home for me. Alone I did not fear not fitting in, fear my failure or success, fear my shyness, fear the rejection or my reflection, fear any interaction with human beings. To sum it up it was an awesome place, because I never had to face my general fear of facing my fear at all! Inside this lost State of Mind in my Imagine Nation, I know I did not feel afraid. 

However, pulled back into reality, against my will, I took some sort of shelter in the constant anxiety while forced to grow up. Imprinted with an irrational fear of standing out I have ever since longed to reclaim my fairytale ending. To finally rule once again in my own universe of magic and stardust. A space in between time and place, where I am free to roam the domains on wild treasure hunts wherever they may lead. Amongst evergreen jungles, castles of crystals, and yummy creatures waiting to be found, I will reinvent my story. I will recreate my reflections and I will become the dedicated Happy Heroine at my service.

Now is it possible? I believe it is because I did build it for endless possibilities (and I painted it in colours of my preference). Why? Because everyone like me needs this kind of place of belonging, for when a secret is about to burst. A place where no one will hush it and there are no strict rules and expectations. Where alter egos of courage are unleashed upon great adventures and allowed to ever change like chameleons.

So who am I in this place? Well, as a memory I live inside those brains of bravery. I start each journey by interacting more frequently. I might make my appearance while starring into my mighty mirrors. My guidance is in the best of my abilities and clues are provided if found in the present. I wish to teach the right from wrong but beware. My judgement of road cannot always be trusted. The stories have many altered, and sometimes even twisted points of views. Ever changing into words of exclamation.

Not to be confused, but to be continued.

With LOVE, Gratitude & Rainbow sparkles*********


Founder, Creative Director, Storyteller

-mi lajki

Angelina mi lajki 

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