So how do you know you are heading in the right direction towards manifesting your creative desires? Well when your energy level vibrates on the same frequency as if you have already manifested it into your life, the universe will start amplifying your request and deliver. Sounds easy enough right, but how can you be sure you are not crazy but in fact in tune and in perfect alignment for receiving?

angel numbers


When I started to consciously manifest my creative desires I noticed numerical sequences like 111 and 1111 showing up in random places more often, but most commonly when I happened to look at the time at exactly 11.11 for too many days in row for it to be a coincident. It also caught my attention on receipts, license plates, word counts, phone numbers, and the list goes on... Also sequences like 333, 555, 222 are common angel numbers, which are subtle messages from your higher self and spirit guides that you are in sync with the universal forces working in your favour. It means that you are in the flow of manifesting success. For each sign given I choose to view it as a token of guidance that I am on the right path. However you interpret these signs try to be grateful and not too superstitious. Superstition is based on fear and has nothing to do with the power of channeling the divine superconsciousness we all have access to if opening up our minds.

spirit animals


Maybe it sounds weird to you, but the fact is that whatever your personal connection is to spirituality it could be anything which sparks that feeling of reassuring calmness into the core of your soulful being. Personally I love unicorns and rainbows but whenever seeing my spirit animals they are usually without any colours at all... I see white squirrels, white snakes, white deers, white alligators, well everything WHITE! It could be a random picture of an albino giraffe or a white butterfly in my garden. Whenever one of these spirit animals pops into my awareness it is usually when I pay close attention to the present and focus my energy into a mindset for channeling my creative flow. Whatever friends might show up in your path you know it is done in divine timing. It happens when you are in your true element with a purpose. 



Suddenly money might¬†unexpectedly¬†start making its way into your life. It is because you are manifesting your creative desire in tune with the universal frequency of abundance. Whenever you stumble upon a penny or some extra dollars into your account make sure to pay gratitude in order for prosperity to¬†spiral further along into the positive energy flow of attracting more. Too many people I encounter have negative outlooks on the subject matter of MONEY. They even shame talking about it¬†which of course will only charge its¬†energy flow with a negativity vibe. How are you suppose to attract more of it into your life if you do not associate it with the positive feelings¬†required for it to multiply. Even if you only have 10 bucks in your savings account and are living of noodles and ketchup you still have the power to feel good about the fact¬†that money is awesome. Don¬īt be resentful or FEEL the lack of it no matter what your situation is. Remember what we FEEL we ATTRACT. Might sound difficult but it is really not! Focus on being in tune with your creative desire and have faith that the rest will follow.

dream eye


When there is no longer a need for anxiety and fears to be played out in the subconscious, your sleep will get deeper and you will start to have more clear and vivid dreams to boost yourself with confidence to believe. This happens when you are in tune with the universal forces manifesting your creative desires syncing your action and mindset into a positive flow. In the beginning of your journey it is common to have some resistance and experience the opposite reaction before entering a peaceful state of mind. The soul searching to find your passion and deciding upon major life changes can sometimes force you to process this shift in unwanted nightmares. For example in the beginning of starting a new journey or making a change in my life I often dream of the loss of all colours where everything turns black and white. Also I might wake up thinking all my teeth have crumbled to nothing in my mouth! (yikes). However the loss of something in a dream often represents a big change in life, which does not necessarily always equal something bad, but could be the symbol of a start of something new and even better!



Seeing rainbows at significant points in time of your life means that your magic is in tune with manifesting your creative desire and unleashing that creative superpower of yours. Admiring a beautiful spectrum of vivid colours can raise your vibration for attracting more abundance into your life. Usually I see rainbows when I feel extra happy and blissful with the joy of life, love, and family. It always happens when my family is gathered in our lovely summer house located in the Northern part of Sweden in the enchanted woods of Dalarna. I LOVE being there. With a view of the lake mirroring the clouds, moon, stars, and sun above, and endless miles of green nature surrounding, it always make me appreciate the beauty in awe. I feel in tune with every aspect of my life and so very grateful and humbled.

magic wand


When synchronicity accelerates from you manifesting your creative desires, people, places, resources, and events starts to unfold in perfect alignment. Be grateful for each opportunity given and keep your mind open even if at first encounter you cannot see the correlation. Always make it a habit to explore new grounds and be curious about evolving and accelerate your passion. Personally I am very stubborn and rarely compromise my focus on the mission, but I do try to invite new input by accepting challenges presented which makes me a little be anxious but also excited. When you say yes, collaborate, and help others on their path, you will raise your vibration and a positive tsunami of goodwill might return in favour for your success. Make rings on the water and cause a ripple effect of good synergy! 



Some call it intuition. For me I especially notice this sign as a specific thought of someone who happens to send me a call, e-mail, text, or something else within the day or even the next minute. I also sometimes get a gut feeling for when something is wrong or just slightly off. When it comes to my husband I often encounter this phenomena as if I can finish off his sentences, without him telling me before hand what he is about to share. However I do think this might be a more common thing for when two souls interweave so closely over time and space.

These are all signs to you from the universe. It means that the frequency of your¬†reality is accelerating to manifest your creative desires. Practise gratitude and unleash that creative superpower you¬īve got.



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