Sometimes all of us feel the lack of focus or even stuck. To find your way again and not to dwell in these vacuums of fears and time warps of scepticism and negative energy you sometimes have to shake things up by turning them upside down in order to make yourself take charge and action over the situation. When time stands still and I am unable to move along with my longterm goals or even my day to come, I easily get distracted and annoyed with obstacles of negativity like keeping my closet tidy for me to get a positive start in my day.


After years of getting stuck in the loops of highs an lows, I finally figured it out. I have been in a constant state of creative madness with intense periods focusing ONLY on my creative desires, before crashing over and over into a reality of the side effects of my unorganised junk cluttering up my mental state of mind with a blockage of frustration. Most of us have been there right? Amongst old coffee cups flooding up our workspace. Jammed in between piles on piles of creative hoarding (which rarely fills a purpose) we sometimes find ourselves on the brink of insanity and the only release is a slight mental breakdown before pushing on repeat. However it only takes one day of determination to set your intentions right and to take immediate action to break this vicious cycle. Personally I had a deep desire to start all over with a clean slate to create the space I really needed (and craved), in order for my creative mind to rewire and to excel above and beyond. Start by throwing out all things unwanted!  The space you work and live in is a reflection of your inner state of mind.


    We all know it. Food is our fuel and we are what we eat. However most of us too often find ourselves seeking comfort in foods which we know are not good for us. Sugar, processed food, caffein, nicotine, and alcohol to boost ourselves? This destructive way of rewarding our attempts to manifest our goals works directly against us. It causes our bodies to be worn out by adding stress and our minds to be clouded and dulled. It prevents us from truly unleashing the full potential of our creative superpower. Whenever you have a chance to make a conscious choice make it a priority to feed your mind and body with exercise or yummy treats of nature. Indulge in high energy greens and colourful juices of pure joy to energise your soul. It is time to make that gym card work much harder for the reward!


    Collect treasures and put them on display to remind yourself of the state of mind in which happiness and love resides. Crystals from nature can aid your intentions because each vibrates on different energy levels. Treasured gems of jewelry associated with a positive feeling or a memory can raise your vibration to attract abundance into your life while manifesting your creative desire. Decorate yourself and your surroundings to shine and sparkle. Be the source of light and you will attract its power.


    Whenever I am about to drift off into sleep I make it a routine to always visit the place of my dreams. I picture the world in colours and I add details to it wherever inspiration strikes. Imprinting your brain this way makes your subconscious connect to the consciousness of the universe to start manifesting a reality where you are able to see it clearly. More then often, as a I enter this relaxed state of mind where everything floats freely without any boundaries holding me back, I make my dear sweet husband gently play with my hair. Guess what I am saying is whatever works for you! Make it a habit (LOL). Also make vision boards to keep you inspired! Find more details of HOW TO MAKE A VISION BOARD TO MANIFEST YOUR CREATIVE DESIRE

    • Make room for things that make you happy!
    • Feed on positive energy that lift your spirit!
    • Collect treasures to love and cherish!
    • Imagine your dreams as work of art!



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