To accurately communicate the vision of your creative branding the KEY is to pay close attention to the consistency of details such as:


When  working with your material for digital or print always use colours which empowers the message of your brand. Bright colours are visually appealing when they are applied on a white base. Neutral colours such as soft pastels are easy on the eye and have a calming effect. When choosing a colour palette for your branding incorporate four colours or less to work with. A brighter accent colour can be used to highlight key elements but should be used in moderation to keep the balance.

milajki coulours in brand building and creativity

  • Monochromatic schemes use various tones of the same colour.
  • Analogous schemes use colours close to each other on the colour wheel.
  • Complementary schemes use colours opposite to each other on the colour wheel.
  • Shade is a darker version of a colour.
  • Tint is a lighter version of a colour.

The key element to choosing the right font for communicating your brand is contrast. Also make sure to use a font that empowers your message. For example should it be corporate and sleek, or informal and fun? At first glance your audience should always be able to read the content of your text. Also it should be clear in which order of priority it is. Your headline is the largest font, the subheading next, and then your body font. Align your fonts in the center, left, right, or evenly spread out your letter spacing, or increase the size of each word to have a uniform width. A fun and visually appealing way to organise your text is within a shape such a square. There are many free resources of fonts to download, as well as those available for purchase in a commercial license in order to use it for your business.

milajki fonts in brand building

  • Pair a regular font with a bold font.
  • Pair a bold font with a script font.
  • Pair a thin font and a thick font.
  • Pair a tall font with a short font.
  • Pair a regular font with an italic font.

When choosing colours to use on an overlay with text pick a maximum of three tones from the background image to make it pop. Images are an important part of communicating your brand identity. Wether you use your own portfolio of imagery or buy stock photography make sure they all represent the correct tonality of your brand mission. Polish any dull images to make them grab your audience attention. You can also add pre made filters or pattern overlays in applications for image editing such as adobe photoshop or illustrator.

  • Increase the saturation to add intensity.
  • Increase the contrast to brighten up.
  • Add a tint to emphasise a colour.
  • Blur to make a text stand out.

Always arrange your design elements into a beautiful composition. Align design elements in equal spacing. An effective way to incorporate memorable communication wether online or in print is to use the same theme of template consistently in your branding. By using the same layout you will increase your brand recognition while at the same time reinforcing your brand credibility. A key point while getting creative with your content is to pay attention to the use of white space. 

  • Use white space to improve the clarity of text.
  • Use white space to make composition compelling.
  • Use white (or clear) space on an image for placement of text.




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