To successfully build a brand that is authentic it should be based on real emotions so make what you love your life purpose. Investing yourself into the mission will guarantee your longtime commitment because building a brand takes time. So how do you define your passion? Many people I talk to make amazing vision boards from magazines, pictures, and inspiring quotes pinned into beautiful collages, but very few really pays attention to WHY? A vision board has to have a specific purpose in order to accurately represent your creative desire. To manifest success you have to first identify the intentions to why you want this in your life? Thereafter you can set clear goals in alignment with your ideal and dream life by making a stunning vision board. For you to learn more about the art of visualising I have posted yet another freebie on the subject matter for further guidance in HOW TO MAKE A VISION BOARD TO MANIFEST YOUR CREATIVE SUPERPOWER 


Your brand book is the ultimate guide to identify your passion. Make it a reflection of your personality and apply detailed instructions mapping out the core of your brand. Be as specific as possible and define your brand journey, mission statement, target audience, along with the visual identity in logos, colours, fonts, and instructions for communication. Research databases of trademark registration for protecting your brand and don´t forget to check domain and social media availability. Be transparent while interacting with your wanted audience to accurately tailor your brand experience according to their wishes and preferences (not only your perception of it). Be humble for any input and respect the integrity of your users while exploring new possibilities for improvement.


Stay focused on your mission and make it a priority to be dedicated no matter what obstacles are thrown in your way. Occasional failures are expected and should be appreciated because they are the best opportunities to help you grow from. They will teach you more about your brand by forcing you to evaluate what is working and what is not. As I mentioned before building a brand takes a lot of time and commitment.  Trust in the divine timing set by the universal forces to manifest what is best for you when it is best for you. Always expect your creative desires to manifest as is, or something better! Make daily routines around tasks towards accomplishing your big goal and plan them out and update them in an organiser for the next year to come. 


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