milajki, Sweden's first Selfie Pop Up Museum, is now back with extra rainbow sparkles in Gothenburg in Femman, Nordstan October 27th - January 29th. Limited tickets are booked online to be guaranteed a timeslot. In photo-friendly installations, visitors can create colorful content to share on social media such as Instagram and Tik Tok. In addition to dressing up in styling and taking cute selfies in photobooths in all the colors of the rainbow - so-called Selfie ScenariOH!s - you can also try your luck in kawaii slot machines to win prizes such as unique limited edition milajki accessories. A magical cotton candy machine that 3D-prints festive designs such as flowers and hearts is in place as well as a boba tea machine that serves the popular milk tea drink from Asia with tapioca pearls. A visit to milajki experience portals such as Style FactOH!ry Selfie Museum, Sweetheart Hotel Room, and OH! In Scream Arcade means an overdose of joy and everyday escapism with the opportunity to travel on a colorful experience out of the ordinary.

milajki selfie pop up museum

-The goal of milajki is to spread inspiration and joy to a world that really needs it now. Because who doesn't need more rainbow sparkles and unicorns in their life? says Angelina Mi Lajki, founder and creative director at milajki and StorytellingOH!

-The need to get out and experience something fun and memorable together is greater than ever. Everyone who has visited our experience portals is super satisfied and many have written reviews that it has been the best day of their lives. It is so rewarding to have the honor of delivering this! says OH! Lordie Pierre Edström who is co-founder and event manager at milajki.

milajki OH! Lordie Pierre

Among milajki's guests, many well-known profiles and influencers have also been seen, such as Carola, Margaux Dietz, Pernilla Wahlgren, Dolly Style, Peter Jöback, Sofia Wistam, Theoz, Jessica Almenäs, Julia Frej, Daniel Paris, Hanna Hedlund, and Klara Hammarström, etc. Visitors and fans are of all ages and identities who love to be over the top and have fun. It's everything from instagram and tik tok influencers, teenagers, tinder dates, children's parties, 70th birthday parties, cosplay creators, corporate events, wedding parties, board meetings, family outings, bachelorette parties, baby showers, girls-night-out, and also a lot of requests from music artists and production companies.

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