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milajki Style FactOH!ry, Sweden's first Selfie Museum at SPACE Sergelgatan 2, is now opening another Pop Up POH!rtal at MOOD in Stockholm at Regeringsgatan 48. In a pink OH! I Scream Bar, visitors can create content for social media and take sweet selfies with tasty unicOH!rn ice creams and Freakshakes, so-called UnicOH!ne Slayers. 

Visitors can also test their luck in pink slot machines to win prizes and unique accessories in a limited edition. It is also the premiere of the magic cotton candy machine that 3D-prints festive designs such as flowers and hearts, as well as a bOH!ba tea machine that serves the popular milk-tea drink from Asia with tapioca pearls.

milajki Pop Up Arcade & OH! Scream Bar at MOOD has free admission and is open to visitors from 25 March. Sneek Peek Premiere and press screening will take place on Wednesday 23 March at 4 pm, when the music group Dolly Style will also be on site to spread extra milajki rainbow glitter!

A visit to milajki Style FactOH!ry experience portals such as Selfie Museum, Hotel Room, Ice cream Bar and Gaming Arcade means a real dose of joy and everyday escapism from a gloomy everyday life with the opportunity to travel on a colourful experience beyond the ordinary. 

-MOOD Stockholm has established itself more and more as a place for new thinking and innovative concepts - something that the color click Milajki is completely in line with. We are happy to welcome them here and believe that they will contribute with a different and fun experience for our curious visitors, says Cecilia Åkesson, center manager MOOD Stockholm.

-The goal for milajki is to spread inspiration and Good Vibes OH!nly to a world that really needs it now. For who does not need more rainbOH!w sparkles and unicOH!rns in their life? says Angelina Mi Lajki, founder and creative directOH!r at milajki.

-The need to get out and experience something fun and memorable together is greater than ever. Everyone who has visited our experience portals is super-happy and many have written reviews that it has been the best day of their lives. It is so rewarding to have the honor of delivering this! says Pierre Edström, founder and event manager at milajki.

Among milajki's guests, many well-known profiles and influencers have also been seen, such as Carola, Margaux Dietz, Pernilla Wahlgren, Peter Jöback, Sofia Wistam, Theoz, Jessica Almenäs, Julia Frej, Daniel Paris, Hanna Hedlund, and Klara Hammarström among others. Visitors are fans of all ages and identities who love to be a bit extra. Guests are everything from instagram and tik tok influencers, teenage groups, tinder-dates, children's parties, 70s parties, cosplay creators, corporate events, wedding parties, board meetings, family outings, bachelor parties, baby showers, girls-night-out, and even a lot of requests from music artists.

milajki Pop Up Arcade & OH! The Scream Bar at MOOD is open until August 31st Mondays - Fridays at 10-19, Saturdays at 10-18, and Sundays at 11-17. For booking of individual interviews in connection with the press screening and opening on March 23rd at 16.00, please contact Pierre Edström,

The milajki Style FactOH!ry event at SPACE is open until August 27th and has a limited ticket system with a maximum of 15 people per 1 hour time slot and can be booked via The price is from 299 SEK.

About milajki

milajki Style FactOH!ry first opened in Gothenburg in the autumn of 2020 as a covid-adapted event. The success is described by many guests as a kind of crazy flipped out hospital of happiness. The storytelling behind milajki experience portals was created in the early 2000s by Angelina Mi Lajki during her design studies in Florida. From the beginning, the idea was to publish a series of books, but instead it became the basis for all creative creation in a crazy world of magical places and strange characters that were first manifested in odd jewelry & accessory collections styled diligently on celebrities and in various fashion magazines. At the center is always OH!dd StorytellingOH! with a focus on Dr AlbinOH! A main character who performs various experiments on the visitors within the milajki dOH!main to spread joy. 

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About MOOD

MOOD Stockholm is an urban meeting place located in central Stockholm. With a unique store mix of around 50 stores, several popular restaurants and meeting rooms, the shopping center has developed into an obvious food and shopping destination that has put the entire area on the map since opening in 2012. In the lively environment you can enjoy, shop, socialize and work for a large part of all hours of the day. Mood Stockholm is simply a modern city in the city. Read more about Mood at

milajki Pop Up Arcade & OH! Í Scream Bar

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