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What if our perception of individuality is what separates us from an OH!riginal DOH!main of non duality? What if our lives are really connected from one singular source? What if our egOH! is an illusion? What if clues about this have been left in artifacts by ancient and even alien civilisations? What if there is a secret pattern to everything in our exististance? What if our reality is a shadow of a larger one? What if our entire universe is a super holOH!gram? What if the truth is hidden from our awareness? What if there are other dimensiOH!ns existing on parallel planes? What if they are trying to reach us? What if numerOH!logy is a way of them communicating with us? What if reality is made of infOH!rmation cOH!de? What if there are glitches OH!ccuring in our reality? What if someone experienced the event of a future before hand? What if there are hidden pOH!rtals between dimensions?  What if psychics, fortune tellers, mediums, and clairvoyants are connecting to other dimensions? What if time is not linear? What if we can time travel? What if there are proof of time travellers caught in pictures? What if modern technOH!logy could change history? What if fear is forced upon us by an authOH!rity to rule our minds and keep us separated?  What if all religions have been distOH!rted from one source as a means to manipulate truth and create more differences amongst us? What if the bOH!rders of our natiOH!ns are preserved to keep us apart? What if warfare is a way to contrOH!l us by fear? What if all diseases are manufactured? What if all cures and remedies are created to give us a false sense of hOH!pe? What if survival of the fittest is really a sign of weakness? 


What if there is a relaltionship between crazy and wise? What if insanity is an altered state of mind cOH!nnected to a universal cOH!nsioussness? What if a mental break should be viewed as a pOH!tential grOH!wth experience? What if crazy is not a disease? What if everyone was supported and guided to seek meaning in their suffering? What if there were nOH! diagnOH!sis to label people? What if OH!dd minds are being wrongfully diagnOH!sed and institutionalised? What if missing people are really being abducted as part of a secret research prOH!gram? What if there is an academy for geniouses fOH!unded by a secret sOH!ciety? What if its purpOH!se is to manipulate alien dna to create hybrids with superiOH!r abilities to survive the human race? What if death is not final?

From the Book: Mi Lajki & HolOH!Ishii, The Yummy UnicOH! Slayer
Author: Angelina Mi Lajki
© Copyright

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