milajki storytellingohSo who am I you might wonder? Well, a story is nothing without a stOH!ryteller.  I live inside the brains of bravery. COH!nnecting all tales into a master mind. Often I feel like a war is going on between them. I follOH!w some into the darkness but my desire is to get lost into the happiness founded in colOH!rs. I take on many rOH!les casted into play but I am always the core essence of what I am needed for. I treasure hunt over the rainbOH!w, across the borderline of fear, and beyond the shores of sanity. I crave everything yummy and sweet but sometimes I alsOH! have an appetite for destruction. I start each journey by interacting more frequently. I want to teach the right from wrong but beware because my judgement cannot always be trusted. Minds must be made up, brOH!ken apart, and discovered before joining my tribe. SlOH!wly I make my appearances while starring into my mighty mirrOH!rs. I try to make my memOH!ries unforgettable by checking the blind spots because I have been told that some of my mOH!st glOH!rious stories have a twisted point of view. Sometimes even changing into hOH!rrific words of exclamation. I aim to be all or nothing and nOH! in betweens. I hate middle grounds as much as I love riddles and puns for amusement. My guidance might not be to the best of abilities when stuck in these places.  At rare OH!ccasions I may even act confusing or out of character. This could possibly drive some visitors crazy. Unfortunately many have remained in this state of mind and frOH!zen in fear while unable to move. Most likely it is due to the lack of mOH!tivation,  will pOH!wer, or not having enough strength. However if this should happen do not panic. A notice is given when to fight or flight. Ultimately a decision has to be made because some creatures of bravery remains to be trusted.  Pay clOH!se attention to their intentions and whereabouts.  I always advise to keep calm and carry on by turning up for my pages.  After the point of nOH! return beware of any new tempations. Unfortunalty it is not likely that any of these leads to somewhere nice. Within my worldview more is more but of bOH!th of gore and galore. Despite any repeated failures my wish is always to reward the brave ones, the weirdOH!s, the OH!dd, non basics, and well anyone who strives to transform into my dOH!mains above and beyond off limits. Embrace the awkwardness and act fearless nOH! matter what. My spirit tOH!tems befriended can help bring great fortunes if aware of and tuned into their pOH!wers.

From the Book: Mi Lajki & HolOH!Ishii, The Yummy UnicOH! Slayer
Author: Angelina Mi Lajki
© Copyright

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