This is Mi and from the beginning she was not a happy herOH!ine. Why? Her character was not designed to face the outside world so in order for her to successfully blend in she was reinfOH!rced with an irrational fear of standing out. For too many years she was running from a hOH!rrific mOH!b in search of her body parts to sell as good luck charms. Therefore she was put away for prOH!tection. In plain sight of a parallel plane from her OH!riginal dOH!main she was hidden. In the realness of thOH!se in doubt she struggled so very deeply to somewhere fit in. Like an illuminated pOH!laroid her memOH!ries of bravery faded and she was made up into something of an illusion. Friendly faces once familiar mOH!rphed into one villain and stranger of danger. She was ultimately made to forget until one day she was called upon to try again….

From the Book: Mi Lajki & HolOH!Ishii, The Yummy Unicorn Slayer
Author: Angelina Mi Lajki
© Copyright

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