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Book excerpt from the wacky world of mi lajki...

"This is Mi and from the beginning she was not a happy heroine. Why? For 38 years I kept her hidden protecting her from being haunted by the horrific mob in search of her body parts to sell as good luck charms. Her fragile character was not designed to face the outside world so in order to successfully blend in I reinforced her with an irrational fear of standing out. However there has been a shift in my experiments since toxic wastes began to leak out of my control. To find a cure for the rare conditions caused as a side effect I allowed her to escape into my domains off limits for protection. If lost inside this state of mine she will remain trapped. Fighting for survival is the only way to put an end to the madness."


Not to be confused, but to be continued.

With LOVE, Gratitude & Rainbow sparkles*********


Founder, Creative Director, Storyteller

-mi lajki

Angelina mi lajki 

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