Another Unicorn out n about with Yuri Travel a.k.a Julie Bonnaud 🇫🇷↔️🇯🇵 French Japan travel blogger actress, model, and photographer, and digital marketer living in Tokyo & Paris. 

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How would you describe your amazing style?

Colorful and cute.

What is your creative superpower?

I love to create, like drawing, singing, sewing clothes, taking pictures, designing...

What makes you unique and one of a kind?

I have to many hobbies and I'm really open to learn more every day.

Why do the world need more rainbows and unicorns?

We don't have enough of them! All people need a unicorn and more rainbows I think.

Can you share a secret happy place of yours?

In Kyoto near the fushili Inari when you climb the mountain you can find a very peaceful place where you can sit down and enjoy a moment by the river near a small temple in the world of Miyazaki.

Why is milajki accessories a perfect fit for you?

A Unicorn is happiness so milajki brings me happiness! ❤️

How would you rate milajki accessories?

5 stars out of 5!


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With LOVE, Gratitude & Rainbow Sparkles*********

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