Need more rainbows and unicorns in your life? Meet Katie Carter, aka Capsulebunny, a model and magical girl living in Tokyo with a pet hedgehog.

We adore following unique and creative personalities and all things super kawaii so we decided to go treasure hunting for sharing a series of features on our dedicated tribe of amazing milajki influencers who inspires our universe. And OH! did we mention she also adopted the milajki UnicOH! Ring to follow her along the journey out and about on adventures in Japan...

capsulebunny milajki unicorn ring kawaii tokyo japan

Anyway, as you might recognise, the mind of an accessory junkie often has too many tabs open, so therefor we decided to make it short and sweet starting off with 7 quick questions thrown at her for an introduction. Your welcome!

How would you describe your amazing style?

Modern magical girl on her day off? Haha. I float between different styles honestly, I mix newer and older styles and whatever textures colors interest me at the time. 

milajki unicorn ring kawaii capsulebunny tokyo japan

What is your creative superpower?

I think I am entirely without superpowers unfortunately! I just love marching to my own beat!

What makes you unique and one of a kind?
I think everyone is super unique in their own way, I have 2727282 different hobbies and I try to channel them into my clothes so maybe that’s mine.
capsulebunny teddybear cafe tokyo milajki kawaii unicorn ring
Why do the world need more rainbows and unicorns?

The world is in a bit of a tough spot right now, it’s painful to turn on the news. So seeing colorful fashion and cute characters honestly stops it all from becoming so sad and dreary. Those things also unite us and make it easier for us to find like-minded friends!

Can you share a secret happy place of yours?

I’m a really big gamer, so whenever I’ve had a lot going on I can retreat to one of the many worlds that need me. Spira, Hyrule, Middle Earth etc, they’re always waiting for a visit.

Why is milajki accessories a perfect fit for you? 

I really, really love unicorns and anything that can sparkle. The color fits in with my wardrobe perfectly and the style is a little nod at my eccentric style. I’m so happy with it!

How would you rate milajki accessories?

The quality is so, so beautiful! The unicOH! ring is a bit heavy but not uncomfortable, and it’s so sparkly!

capsulebunny milajki unicorn ring kawaii sakura tokyo

For more cuteness overload follow her journey on @capsulebunny


With LOVE, Gratitude & Rainbow Sparkles*********

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